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What type of documents do we provide certified translations for?

Marriage licenses

A marriage license is a legal document authorizing a specific couple to get married. Its characteristics and procedures depend on the individuals’ preferences and the country where the marriage will take place. The aim of the license is generally to ensure that the involved individuals are in good standing to contract the union and are single or properly divorced, for example, or are of sufficient age.

Birth Certificates

A birth certificate is a legal document whose function is to record the birth of an individual and its specific details like the place, year, month, day and time of the birth. In some countries, like the United States, the government is in charge of issuing this document. Birth certificates are generally necessary to begin most paperwork for the new baby and, in some countries, it is required before enrolling children at school or requesting a passport.


A visa is a document authorizing people in and out of certain countries during a specific period of time. Its characteristics, like the amount of money that it costs, the time it lasts or the requisites to obtain it, depend on the country issuing the visa. Generally, each visa is attached to the holder’s passport and, depending on the kind, specifies the conditions under which the individual can stay in the country, especially relating to employment.

College transcripts

A transcript is a formal document which includes a list of courses and its respective grades throughout the entirety of college. Transcripts generally include a list of other merits obtained throughout college, such as special mentions or honours. There are generally official and unofficial transcripts; the former is provided by the educational institution and is often signed and stamped to prove its authenticity. This document is mostly needed for college transfers or international exchanges and it is sometimes required when applying for a job position.

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At Certify Translations, each of our Certificates of Accuracy consists of our official letterhead with the certification, signature of the translator and date, as well as the company’s stamp and seal.