Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • A certified translation is a legal document that is generally submitted to an official or legal institution. It is generally made up of a translation, which is carried out by a certified translator, and a Certificate of Accuracy that states that the translation is an accurate representation of the original in its entirety. However, certified translations, its characteristics and the parts it entails vary from country to country.

  • Which languages do you translate?

    At Certify Translations we offer expert translation services in more than 100 languages and dialects. Our certified translators are prepared to work with any language pair you need.

  • How do you choose your translators?

    At Certify Translations we only hire professional translators who need to have passed a specific exam designed by us to test them on their translating abilities. There are also regular examinations for quality control. All the translators at Certify Translations have years of experience and each one is specialized in certain fields, from business and medical translation to legal and literature, among many others.

  • How is the price of a translation calculated?

    The price for every translation depends on its length and due date. Generally, fast deliveries of long documents tend to be slightly more expensive. However, we do not calculate the price based on terminology or the “difficulty of the text”, as Certify Translations is a multidisciplinary company that only works with professional translators who are experts in their field. Our infrastructure allows us to comfortably and efficiently translate anything from a police clearance to a birth certificate!

  • How long will it take to have my documents translated?

    At Certify Translations, we make speed and efficiency number one priority. The time needed to complete the translation depends on each document and its specific translation needs, but you can rest assured our translation team will have it finished when you need it. If you have any questions or special requests please contact us at

  • Are my translations guaranteed by Certify Translations?

    Well, of course! At Certify Translations, we strive to provide excellent customer service even after the translation has been finished.Once a customer, always a customer! If you ever have any problems with a translation of ours, just contact us for some help free of charge.

  • Is my information safe with you?

    Every document we receive is treated as a confidential document by everyone involved in the translation project, as everyone at Certify Translations is under a confidentiality contract to comply with our professional and ethical standards. And, of course, if you need further insurance, our translators will sign a non-disclosure agreement or any type of confidentiality-related document that you request… anything for some peace of mind!