Certified interpreters for legal, medical and business fields.

Interpretation Services

Is it the search engine results for the name of your city? Maybe it’s the lack of content on Wikipedia for your hometown’s article? Well, you’ll be pleased to know that Certify Translations has grown into a global company that is capable of supplying you with interpreting services, provided by individual professionals or equally proficient teams, in any city of the world—and that includes yours.

Oh, you are actually seeking out an interpreting booth for a large conference in a different country? No problem—our enhanced capacity means that our clients receive more, not less, and we happily deliver in any type of setting. As a professional interpreting service, Certify Translations is dedicated to producing the most accurate interpretations on the planet for the benefit of our valued clients!

Call us from within the U.S.A. on 1-800-969-6853, or email us at contact@daytranslations.com Call us from within the U.S.A. on 1-800-969-6853, or email us at contact@daytranslations.com

As we are expert practitioners ourselves, we understand the importance of adequately skilled partners when facilitating significant events, such as conferences, EUO, and court proceedings. You must be able to feel confident in the abilities of your collaborators so that you can produce a successful event, no matter how big or small. As our clients do not need to worry about the level of professionalism within our company—knowing that the interpretation services they are receiving are second-to-none—they are free to completely devote themselves to ensuring the success of their project.

In personal interpreting (IPI)

Over the phone interpreting (OPI)

Decisions, decisions – IPI or OPI?
Certify Translations can provide both Over-the-Phone Interpretation (OPI) and In-Person Interpretation (IPI) in the following specialized fields: legal, business, medical, and finance; but we are also competent in many other areas. However, in order to make the correct choice between the two types of interpretation, it is important that you can convey the exact nature of your interpreting needs so that we can specially cater to your requirements.

In-Person Interpretation (IPI)
IPI means that our professional interpreter will be present in person, alongside you for the entirety of the session, performing the interpretation job. This type of interpreting is typically used in business meetings, courtrooms, and depositions, to name just a few, as it means that the interpreter can either: interpret into the target language simultaneously while the speaker is talking; or can allow the speaker to communicate first, prior to the interpreter’s delivery in the target language afterwards.

Over-the-Phone Interpretation (OPI)
Telephone interpreters are typically praised for their speed and effectiveness, and your experience with Certify Translations will not be any different. Our OPI interpreters will be available to interpret into any target language you require, while also saving you any “in person” costs.